Case Study

Democratizing and humanizing cryptocurrency

Type of project

  • Innovative Brand Experience
  • UX / UI Design
  • Product Design
  • Data Visualizations
  • App / Web Experience Design

Research has shown that the biggest barrier to cryptocurrency ownership is trust. Yet, from a design standpoint, the category is an overwhelming sea of sameness of dark, sterile colors and visual representations of intangible digital blocks, numbers and codes that only reinforce distant and cold perceptions. Far from human-centric, trust-building, emotionally resonant warmth. Until Anatha, a completely different kind of crypto. Accompanied by a completely unexpected and breakthrough design system.

Site entry point featuring a unique welcome screen with warm, natural and human visuals

The Objective

Disrupting a system previously based on mediaries and institutional middle men controlling and profiting from the flow of money, Anatha questioned why within a world that is now wired to make transactions frictionless and instantaneous, are we still allowing value to be extracted by others. Their platform, Crypto for the 100%, is built on the radical belief that people who create value shouldn’t give it away. Its design system and experience needed to be just as boldly differentiating as the concept itself.

Distinctive color palette and contrast of visuals differentiates Anatha’s design system

Design Concept

To bring this differentiating brand and their bold commitment to life, we focused on beauty – expressed with distinctive warmth and accents from the natural world around us. Recognizing this was an unexpected and refreshing point of emphasis within financial services, and a disruptive way to create attractive, trust-building and human-centered engagement.

Use of abstract geometric shapes alongside natural landscapes bridges technical and tangible beauty

The Challenge

The challenge was to translate objective beauty into the warmth of human interaction this category desperately needs in order to truly build trust and deliver the distinctiveness of Anatha’s proposition. The design needed to further amplify, convey and articulate the uniqueness of the brand values and very human brand promise.

Visualizations simplify analysis as well as reassure complete transparency

The Experience

As a people-centric brand focused on accessibility and democratization, it was important for the user experience to be seamless and intuitive, recognizing that many prospects and visitors will be researching to overcome hesitations and seeking understanding of how to participate within a relatively new category.

Unique design environment feels completely differentiated from all other crypto noise

The Human Touch

Diverse portraits of all ages combined with varied landscapes and abstract designs superimposed on natural beauty speak to the accessible platform empowering people around the world with an economic system that puts human needs first.

Personalized and accessible understanding of participation are key to building trust

Building Trust

The platform and its interface are designed to guide the user with complete ease and reassurance to build trust through the process of answering their questions, helping them get started, ensuring they know how to engage and of course reassuring them with complete transparency of how exactly 100% of the value they invest goes back to participants.

Anatha contributes to universal basic income that lifts all participants above the global poverty line

Brand Visualization

The sincerity of the design elements ensure that Anatha doesn’t feel forced into a sterile category, but rather creates its own. Overall, the warm natural colors, incorporation of diverse human experiences, contrasts of landscape scenery, and use of abstract geometric shapes together bring to life a vivid and beautiful brand visualization to express a unique proposition, set of values and ultimately experience democratizing access to cryptocurrency, powered by and for the people.

Design also provokes reflection of how we impact natural ecosystems by participating in global economy

Additional Details

The brand visualization, UX/UI design and data visualization all ensure consistent expression and experience of the brand values, optimized and delivering trust-building differentiation cross-channels. App and website designs are featured here, serving as the primary touchpoints for experiencing the beautiful, sincere interaction with a game changing platform and human-centric innovation for good, that is Anatha and Crypto for the 100%.

Transparency, accessibility and ease of understanding participation were key aspects of UX/UI design