Case Study

Design system for enhanced client & advisor experiences

Type of project

  • Design System
  • UX / UI Design
  • Data Visualization

A well regarded wealth management firm had for over one hundred years been committed to helping its customers thrive through innovative and sophisticated financial services.

Today, promising innovation and sophistication is important, but sets high expectations. In order help clients optimize their financial position, the firm recognized the need for a modernized digital experience that responded to unique and personalized customer needs. 

A series of journey mapping and persona workshops with key stakeholders led to the development of a modern design system addressing the complex concerns clients face today in managing their assets.

Client facing experience (logos, visual assets and labels on this page have been altered to comply with NDA)

The Objective

To develop a more innovative and sophisticated design system implemented across both the client facing experience, as well as the internal advisor tools. 

This new system would ultimately enhance the brand experience, improve client’s access to insights and recommendations, and enable smarter wealth management decision making. 

Desktop and mobile version of the Client’s Account Overview
Asset allocation and holdings screen Client facing

The Outcome

The new client facing platform, as well as the advisor dashboards, elevate all components of the client’s financial picture to ensure innovative, personalized solutions are able to be explored via a clear, coherent experience. 

A deep understanding of the complexity of wealth management ensured that the journey alleviated anxieties and provided personalized guidance, leveraging clear visualizations that ensured a holistic perspective of the client’s investment portfolio, accounts and options. 

The new design system worked within the brand’s broader corporate identity guidelines, while extending a modern, sophisticated look & feel in the digital space for the first time. It also adhered to accessibility and compliance guidelines (WCAG 2.0 – AA) while delivering a customer-centric information hierarchy to guide seamless navigation.

Advisor dashboard screen (left monitor)
Advisor screen with client details (right monitor)