Case Study

Investing with ease and confidence

Type of project

  • Product Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Design System

To remain relevant in an increasingly competitive personal finance market, with start-ups gaining traction purely based on their ease of use—this investment management firm recognized it needed to meet expectations for responsive, personalized engagement and digital solutions and differentiate itself by showcasing its depth of expertise.

It needed to reach new audiences with an experience that reassured them by providing access to that expertise, ultimately empowering them to invest with confidence and ease.

The team developed a financial services app that enables customers and investors more transparency and insight with a highly personalized solution to track investments, check allocation, manage risk, and stay up to date with the firm’s competitive analyst insights.

The app also enables exploring and purchasing new investments, and two-way communication with fund managers and brokers.

Home/Main landing page of app

The Objective

Design a modern and competitive app experience that enables customers and investors to seamlessly manage their financial strategy and outlook, while positioning the firm’s competitive differentiation of expertise that builds confidence.

Dashboard page showing Asset Alllocation

The Outcome

A robust app that empowers users to manage their investments, explore options and ultimately make more informed decisions based on access to expert advice and consultation. 

The financial investment firm’s commitment to readily available and accessible expertise, along with an elegantly designed app experience, led to an engagement that exceeded industry benchmarks.

Dashboard showing Analyst Insight tab

Design Elements

The modern experience enables tracking of investments and anticipation of opportunities based on detailed information communicated via clean graphics, with a strategic hierarchy of messaging, smooth animations, and seamless navigation.

Notifications and alerts, as well as the main navigation, always prioritize highlighting opportunities to buy new investments and contact fund managers directly – driving further engagement with the brand and ensuring consumer confidence in the expertise available.

Fund page

Additional Details

  • Created a fresh new website and style guide
  • Delivered UI design and an overall icon system
  • Designed approximately 30-page layouts with distinct look and feel as part of the design system
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